What have I been doing lately?

I rediscovered my love for drawing. It just happened one day, I wasn’t doing anything particularly memorable. I was probably on the train or walking somewhere, probably, I can’t remember.

What makes people remember a single moment so well out of hundreds? Could it be that the feelings bound to particular memories are what a person cherishes most? Even more so than the actual memory of the time spent?

Anyway, I have revisited some moments for these drawings. Somewhere, during some time, these places were.

Somewhere along The North Downs Way, Surrey Hills
Full moon on the sea
The Thames’ phantom trees

I have also rediscovered my impressive lack of patience and my unwillingness to finish anything, but this is not news for me, just something I don’t wish to address. I resultantly have pieces of unfinished drawings here and there, and if you look closely, you can even see where my determination dies in each sketch.

Jazz man Bill

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