Another eve for cogitation

It’s almost June and the sound of spring is still a little disengaged, the cold is intense sometimes, I really am worried. It feels as though there isn’t much time for anything too, but trivial matters still manage to continue at a tedious length. Talk of politics ambush me on my way to work,  prosaic routine concerns comprise of chit-chat that is seemingly unending about things that are seemingly important, and something impels me to just get on the next available flight to somewhere far from this despondent state of things, and not return. I only want a little warm weather and to know of what will unknowingly betide, I can no longer handle surprises in my life.

But on another note, I have been experimenting with some coloured charcoal and it is an interesting development in my life.20190528_004704.jpg

It is of a particular sky on one eve, but it could very well be daybreak too and that is the beauty of the sky isn’t it? From gold to black to gold, its soft transitions of colours and capricious weather patterns, in the end, it all combines into one disposition. Nature in its essence is a poetic illustration of life: everything ends where it began.

I am allowing some lingering thoughts to surface too, and I wonder of many things and people, there are so many unfinished things, so many things evermore elusive…


A moment

I thought,
overlooking the rowing boats and afternoon boaters, and trails of small wakes fading away into the water, as people came and went constantly, or sat in the shade of an awning,
do all these people have a place to which they always return? A place to go to in the end, or a person, like home, whose eyes are always tethered to the end of every somnolent thought.
Pulling away from the world for a moment (or for some hours), the day transitioned in the background as I walked along the river towards nowhere and into the evening, further into the moving picture. I walked until the silence of the river emerged and the noise of the world subsided, save for the faintest floaty music emanating from a distant café, but it too eventually drifted away.